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We would love to help you and your family bring the power of the internet home. You can start the application process by completing the form below; or, call one of our representatives at 1-855-904-2225. The person completing this application MUST be at least 18 years old.

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Up to 25 Mbps
$9.95* a month
Plus taxes and fees; includes wireless service

  • No deposit
  • No contract
  • No installation fees
  • No equipment rental fees
  • Wi-Fi modem via no-cost lease

*Connect2Compete Program (C2C Program) is available in Mediacom residential service areas to households that meet all eligibility criteria. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is administered by the Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and state agencies which operate the program through agreements with school food authorities; please contact your school for more information about eligibility for the NSLP. C2C Program price of $9.95/month (plus tax) applies so long as the eligibility criteria are met; if C2C Program participant no longer meets the eligibility criteria, the then-standard rates for the Internet service and equipment shall apply. The service includes Internet service with download speeds up to 25 Mbps and one WiFi modem. Modem remains the property of Mediacom and must be returned upon termination of service to avoid charges. Mediacom Connect2Compete is a residential Internet service intended for educational use. Users of Mediacom’s internet service must comply with Mediacom’s Residential Customer and User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy. C2C Program is not a school program and is not endorsed or required by your school. Your school is not responsible for Connect2Compete Program accounts. No school funds were used for this notice or website. Call 1-855-330-6918 for more details or to visit with a Mediacom Connect2Compete representative. Offer, prices and eligibility criteria may change from time to time. ** Families with an outstanding bill or unreturned equipment can discuss payment options with Mediacom customer support representatives to determine how a resolution can be met. Call 1-855-330-6918 for more details.
Mediacom’s Connect2Compete+ service offers download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 5 Mbps. ^ 99.99% Network Reliability: 2021 Mediacom Executive Summary Reliability Report. CA Consumers: Visit to read our Privacy Notice for California Consumers.